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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services that build on the skills acquired during your graduate studies to make you competitive for rewarding, well-paid positions in tech and beyond. We focus on three sets of skills:

One-on-one sessions on technical skills assessment, job search strategizing, interview preparation, CV-to-resume transformation, etc. with Dr. Christopher Stewart.

Our training bridges the gap between social science graduate education and the skill set required to make you competitive for engaging, well-paid technical positions.

The transition you are embarking on is not easy. We will work with you to reframe things, validate your experience, and get you where you want to be.

Christopher M. Stewart, PhD

Christopher Stewart holds a PhD in French (Linguistics) and has worked as a tenure-track professor. He has also held positions as a voice engineer, a data scientist and an analytical linguist at Google. He is passionate about helping PhDs find rewarding careers in tech.